Meet our juniors!

Our daughters Kaat (°july 22, 2007) and Margot (°june 16, 2009) are dedicated pigeon fanciers as well.

From a young age, they were already fascinated by daddy’s pigeons, and they could be found on the lofts regularly. They considered they youngsters as some cute pets, and often the sisters took some little ones into the house to play with.
When they were old enough they started to help with the daily care, like feeding, refreshing the water and also cleaning the lofts.
Since 3 years they have their own small loft from which they race some young birds under their own license. Each year they get a round of youngsters from our breeding loft, which they take care of themselves. When they were younger, they started with short distance races because they didn’t had the patience to wait for too long till their youngsters arrived from the race. But in 2020 they tried the great middle distance, just like daddy, and with great succes!

In the first year they competed, they got a 13th place in the KBDB national championship GMD young birds,  a 2nd place in the provincial championship East-Flanders.
In the youth club East-Flanders they got 1st place in the championship LD for young birds in the age-category 13 to 21 year.
Hopefully they will be equally succesfull in 2021!